Mid Cities Erectors has one of the best safety records in the State of Texas.

Mid Cities Erectors, LLC., established in 2000, provides steel erection, tilt wall panel erection and crane rental. Our company has grown to be one of the largest erectors in the State of Texas by providing quality erection services while maintaining one of the best safety records in our industry.

Our full time safety director works tirelessly to continually educate our foremen and crews, and to inspect the job sites. All employees are required to complete OSHA Subpart R training prior to starting work.
We provide our services to steel fabricators, general contractors, and national development companies and will travel to wherever our customers’ needs require.

Mid Cities Erectors owns and maintains a variety of cranes ranging from 75 tons to 300-tons capacity and employ some of the best operators in the industry. All of our operators have been CIC certified.

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